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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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that offshore breezes in place which translates into pretty warm temperatures. fog will be an issue, petaluma, up to santa rosa and maybe parts of the north bay as well into lake county. everywhere else it will be a high cloud deck. menlo park 47, los altos, 46 everton, mid- 50s saint carlos and also belmont. the system does not have a lot going for it. it will increase clouds on saturday. more on that coming up. today 70s, mostly sunny later. temperatures topping out today. and weather talk, what does fair mean? >> that is one of my least favorite words, it is a mix of sun in high clouds. >> got you. you educate me every day. thank you, steve. >> likewise. >> thank you, happy friday to you. i will say that on wednesday next time. that's go out to the solano county commute. off to a good start, no major problems as you drive in this
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area on fairfield, driving to the cordelia junction the traffic does split off their using interstate 680 or westbound interstate 80 can see the traffic moving well, road -- roads are all green. the bay bridge toll plaza is like coming into san francisco. san jose, the same thing goes. this commute has been off to a very nice start, 280 on the right, you can see the traffic is moving along very well on the way up to the west valley. it is 4:31, back to the desk. it is november, a special holiday event in the south bay is getting underway this morning. >> hundreds of low income families are expected to sign up for sacred heart community services holiday food and toy program. janine is there, and i know, and years past, people have been lining up very early, right? >>reporter:yes, that is the same case again this year.
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we are here in front of sacred heart community service, you can see there is a line already around the building. there are people waiting here in chairs, they are sleeping, they are huddled with blankets all over them, because it is very cold overnight. we asked sacred heart what kind of the first person get here. they told me it was 12:30 p.m. yesterday. these people are desperate to get help for the holidays. to find out more about this program i go to lila mccain with sacred heart community service. what do these people need? they are registering for toys and turkeys, how much do you need? >> we are giving out 4200 food boxes for thanksgiving and 3200 for christmas and then we are getting 6200 children toys this year. >>reporter:how great is the need ? >> so, we are consistent with the food, but we are upping the toys this year. that is where the need was that
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we saw last year. that is where we are putting our efforts this year's into the toys. >>reporter:talk to me about the numbers out there? >> in terms of rent, the cost of living is so high here that people cannot make and meet. you have people spending more than 50% of their income on rent alone. we are not only trying to get toys out but we are trying to get measure a pass which is a $950 million bond measure for affordable housing that will help in the long term. >>reporter:thank you so much, lila mccain with sacred heart community service. even though these people are waiting out here, registration does not start until 9 a.m. they want to ensure that they get a spot, in-line, and and make it on that list to receive the free holiday food boxes as well as toys for their children. if you would like to help, and donate you can come down here to first and alma and drop off donations.
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they will be collecting those for the next month and a half or so. >> thank you. time is now 4:34, tech workers at uc san francisco, facing layoffs next year, reportedly are now training their replacements. mercury news reports those replacements are lower paid it workers from an outsourcing company in india. they expect to save about $30 million over the next five years by outsourcing this work overseas. critics say this move could lead the medical center staff with inferior service, and it could affect patients safety and privacy. a false alarm prompted an evacuation at sfo. an airport spokesperson says a smoke alarm went off in terminal one, at about 6:30. passengers heard the automated announcement telling them to evacuate after a short time, people were then brought back into the terminal, they were able to get on the flight. the sfo spokesman said the
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smoke alarm had no merit. six people treated for minor injuries in san francisco after a car rear-ended a bus. that happened at 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon at 16th and folsom streets. sky fox over the scene there, the question involved a 22 folsom bus, the injured passengers were treated at the scene and did not have to go to the hospital. the south bay, disabled people who depend on public transportation faced delays because of a raid by the fbi. the fbi confirms, it served a search went yesterday at the offices of outreach and escort inc. in san jose. that company contracts with valley transportation authority to provide door to door service for disabled customers. the bta -- vta has implemented an emergency transit plan. they issued an alert to passengers to expect delays. the fbi would not say why there was a raid. they say the search warrant is under seal.
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federal investigators looking into monday's massive apartment building fire in oakland near lake merritt hopes to release a report on what they found within the next month. two dozen agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives examined that scene yesterday. they are looking for a cause of the fire and if there were any accelerants out there. the five alarm fire broke out early monday morning and forced more than 100 people, in that area to evacuate. damage to the building is estimated at $1 million. a man accused of slapping a teenager at a party center in concorde has turned himself in to police. let's show you surveillance video of last month's confrontation. it shows a jackson slapping sean right at the jungle party center. wright works at the party center, jackson did not like his attitude. he face battery charges, his mother so she is upset that jackson is not facing felony charges.
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happening today, chicago will celebrate a world series championship, 108 years in the making. the crews are out there setting out for a rally in grant park, chicago this afternoon. the celebration will start hours before, when the cubs leave wrigley field. a parade will be held downtown, huge crowds, you can imagine are expected. fans have been waiting a long time for the celebration. >> i am speechless. the words can't explain it. i honestly haven't even slept in since last line. i have been up and excited. i have jitters. ready for the parade. it's been a long time coming. >> the cubs came back from a 3- 1 deficit to beat the cleveland indians in game 7's -- 7 was an eye. the warriors trailed -- scoring 16 points, more than the entire thunder team.
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the warriors led by 25 at the half. durrant finished with 39 points, tied a career-high with those three pointers. the warriors won 122-96. >> it was a fun game, talking trash as part of the game. it felt like they rallied around me tonight, no matter what. that was a great feeling. >> the warriors play the lakers tonight in los angeles. the calgary flames to beat the san jose sharks 3-2 giving the sharks the first home loss of the season. the flames took a 2-0 lead into the third period. the sharks to tie the game, goals by burns and carlson. they could not complete that comeback. the flames scored the eventual game winner with 4 minutes left. up next, the sharks will be hosting the pittsburgh penguins on saturday. it is starting to look a lot like christmas, san
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francisco's union square. the work is underway to put up macy's reusable christmas tree. pam cook will be right there. the tree has hundreds of ornaments, thousands of energy efficient lights. the official tree lighting ceremony is set for the day after things giving. that event will include performances by singer, black, the san francisco boys chorus, and the oakland interface gospel choir. >> the day after thanksgiving is when i start my decorations, as well. high surf advisory remains in effect this hour throughout northern california. coming up at 5 o'clock, why people heading to the beach, and people living nearby not too worried about the dangers. big-name cosmetics by mac and kylie jenner of max, the big bust that has led to the south bay woman in jail.
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we still have a nice- looking commute on this friday on the san mateo bridge it looks good heading out to the high-rise. our weather will look at a little later. we have a system falling apart over us, we will talk about friday and the weekend to see if the system will bring any rain.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", homeland security has arrested a woman from san jose for attempting to sell fake cosmetics. agents a they discovered $50,000 worth of product, at her home. they began their investigation after hearing about shipments from a counterfeit exporter in asia. it included big-name products like mac, kylie jenner. jenner even took to twitter to warn people about the dangerous knockoff. homeland security says cosmetics seized in the past have contain things like arsenic, mercury, lead.
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congestion, confusion, and cancer. the bay area stop and go traffic is not only frustrating it can be dangerous. all eon ago basil tells us help is on the way to reduce accidents and ease traffic jams at a major bottleneck in the east bay. >>reporter:let's face it, any form of relief on the roadway can ease traffic. after talking with so many fed up drivers we knew we needed to get some answers from transportation officials. tonight they are sharing with us plans to ease congestion and decrease accidents. it has become routine. sudden breaking, constant beeping, dangerous weaving, it's all part of the commute for dry valley neighbors. >> is a total mess. it's unacceptable. >>reporter:what has got these driver so frustrated is the 5 80/680 interchange. >> when she dropped on a 580
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going eastbound, it is a parking. >> that interchange is a disaster. you have the time coming, people who want to switch sides, there's always an accident there all the time. >>reporter:disaster can quickly turn deadly, like it did here. the driver of this bmw never made it to work him after they were rear ended i a big rig just before 6 a.m. on 580 west near courtyard road in dublin. california highway patrol says the big rig was going 50 miles per hour and never stopped before the crash. it caused the chain reaction hitting 4 other vehicles causing them to catch fire. several people were injured, one person was killed. that crash is just one of 72 total accidents, this year alone, on that 580/680 interchange according to chp. over the past 10 years, this busy stretch of highway saw a peak of accidents in 2006, and 2007 before the economy crashed into thousand eight. again, we are in another period of economic growth in the tri- valley creating more congestion on the interchange. >> the 580 border is very busy
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brings the whole central valley to the bay area. all we are seeing is increased traffic because of so many homes popping up. >>reporter:driving through the city of dublin you will find new construction cones all over. the city plans to add 2000 more households 2021, neighboring pleasanton is no different. looking to increase the household number by 1500 between now and 2022. more than 70% of residents of both dublin and pleasanton drive alone to work. >> we create more housing, where those people going to go? >>reporter:i took that question to caltrans to find out how they are planning to handle the influx? >> was down 582 north on 680 there is an influx that we are monitoring. >>reporter:they are gathering information for a future project that the alameda county transportation commission is working on. >> the modernization of the interchange of the off ramps and on ramps are going to be something we are going to be looking at.
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>>reporter:she tells me voters approved $20 million to address the mass on 680. >> we are about to embark on a study to determine what the final design shall look like, and what the construction costs would be for the project. >>reporter:some drivers i spoke with acceptable, concerned with the timing of his ability to fix the problem. >> they cannot expand the lanes anymore, there's not enough room. they are going to have to go multilevel. they will just have to start stacking a freeway on top of a freeway to handle the load. it's not going to get any better. >>reporter:what would you and the transportation commission say to drivers who feel like we see that there is a project in the works, but it's not enough, what can we do? >> one single project is not going to solve all of the transportation issues in the bay area. we are working on a whole suite of projects. we are working on the 680 northbound lanes right now. we just open the 580 express lanes, we are seeing people having 20-30 minutes savings, in those lanes. >>reporter:drivers and commuters looking for a quick
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temporary fix will see some relief and sooner rather than later with a project in the works? >> that is correct. we will be constructing the 680 northbound lanes starting next year. there will be relief in a couple of years. >>reporter:still, for many drivers who spend most of their day, five days a week, gassing then breaking, beeping and merging, and a couple of years, still too long. >> i do not stress about it anymore. it's part of living in this part of california. it is just the way it is. >>reporter:the first days of -- phase of the project, is expected to start sometime in february. after that, the allegheny county transportation commission will be looking for additional funding for the project which could cause -- cost upwards of $1 billion. >> thank you. >> that guy has the right attitude though. it's part of living in california, we have a lot of other attributes, i guess to be thankful for.
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you have to sit in traffic a lot of times. >> absolutely right, we do have traffic that is slow all the way from the altamonte pass into that dublin interchange that she spoke of. this morning's commute is going to be slow, stop and go at the altamonte pass. crowded but not stop and go yet at the 580/680 interchange of what we call the tracy super commute. not a bad commute as all -- at all as you drive through. traffic will be busy on the rest of the valley still looks good. looking at interstate 880 north and southbound, it is off to a nice start on this friday as you drive past the coliseum. we do not have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza yet. i couple of lines in columbus though, for the most part it is a nice drive into san francisco. let's get over tuesday. well, we have a high cloud deck over us, today is not going to be too much of an issue, except for those higher clouds. it will still be mild to warm, there is an offshore component to the breeze.
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we will get a break tonight, increasing clouds on saturday. there is a system approaching that looks like rain will make it north. i do -- i do not think much of anything will make itself today. this will be the warmest day of the week. unless you are done by santa cruz where it will be 80 degrees, how about that? around the bay, mid- 70s, if you locations napa, morgan hill and gilroy close to 77 today. coastal forecast, that high surf advisory continues another 11 minutes or so. waves and 15-20 feet, there have been some observed that especially off of point race, i know 19, some of the wave heights approaching off in the pacific here that will continue through this morning a decreasing by tonight. currently bodega bay 14, san francisco 10, monterey 15. a system falling apart completely over us, there's not much left except some of those high clouds. northerly breeze at santa rosa, easterly breeze at fairfield.
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that will translate into another mild and warm day even with a high clouds. 40s-60, seven cisco 58, berkeley 59, 56 oakland, palo alto 49. cooler temperatures in the south, morgan hill 47, look at the higher elevations above 2000 feet, 64, you get down lower elevations you can find 40s. boulder creek, santa clara, campbell along with saratoga. mostly sunny today after a partly cloudy morning, that we will start off mostly sunny tomorrow and then clouded up. it doesn't like a mix of clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. the warmest day was 60s and 70s, clouds increase, some light rain north tomorrow evening into early sunday, then it is out of here. looks good going into monday and tuesday. no rain until around the 20th or something like that. >> just a little watering of the plants, i guess? >> farther north, further south i would not worry about it. a highly debated measure will be voted on this tuesday.
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coming up at 5:00 how proposition q will affect the homeless on the seven cisco fire department. a unique mission is underway in the south bay to help refugees, thousands of miles away how the idea started with handmade bags.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today, gloria
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already expected to announce new developments in the sex assault case against bill cosby. a hearing will be held in the lawsuit brought forward by judith huff, she claims that cosby forced her to perform a sex act with her at the playboy mansion in 1974 when she was only 15. cosby has been in court all this week for pretrial hearings. police arrested a homeless man, and his nephew in connection with a commercial burglary in the palo alto area. the 2 suspects are 28-year-old james andrew newell and 54-year- old john matthew newell. they were found hiding in a vacant commercial building on hanover street sunday night. investigators say they had burglary tools with them. they say the same building had been hit twice, before when thieves stole copper wire. celebrity chef, michael, is facing charges of drunk driving after being arrested in napa county. the chp says he was driving from youngsville to santa rosa, about 3:30 wednesday morning when he was stopped about two
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miles from his restaurant. he also owns [inaudible] and several other restaurants. officers say he had a controlled substance, in his possession. he has hosted his own tv shows on pbs, the food network, and on the cooking channel. a unique fundraiser is underway at san jose university designed to help refugees from war-torn syria. during a trip to greece last summer, professor, and her colleague and former reporter, diane, noticed that these handmade pads, in the middle of a say. syrian refugee camp. refugees war while making the dangerous track by boat from turkey to greece. the bags range from 14-$40 they are being sold by students in public relations class in
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campus clubs. >> a bigger response than we expected. i shared it on facebook and people all over the us are interested in these bags. i think the project could be bigger. this is what they had with a win through this, this is a piece of their journey. >> they do hope to sell all 130 bags by christmas and raise about $3000. all of the money is headed back to the refugee camp where they were made. the peninsula humane society is looking for a few good homes for some blackouts. the agency is holding its first of three black cat fridays today at the center for compassion in burlingame. the peninsula humane society is waiving adoption fees for all black cats and kittens. he plans to hold similar events on november 18 and 25. a lawsuit involving a seeking skyscraper in san francisco, why the city attorney says the buildings developer should pay the people who moved in there. a new funding plan for suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge. when the project may finally be
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complete. we do have a nice-looking friday morning commute, it is doing well on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass great. a little bit of a high cloud deck over us, that will clear out in a mostly sunny and warm day. changes on the weekend we will see if there's any rain in the mix.
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good morning, thank you for
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joining us on "mornings on 2" , we now know the body found at sonoma state university, the cotati man who has been missing and how the corner thinks he died. this is ktvu "mornings on 2" good morning, starting your day with a beautiful picture of the bay bridge.>> the great charlie rich. >> what is this called? >> i know this, behind closed doors. the famous song the great charlie rich with the white hair. >> there are a lot of cars heading to the bay bridge. very pretty and clear. will check in on the traffic and weather in a moment. think you for joining us on this friday morning i'm pam
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cook. >> i'm dave clark. people in parts of northern california you will want to be really careful if you go to the water this weekend. a high surf advisory just expired, that is good but the national weather service is warning everybody swimmers and surfers watch out for dangerous rip currents. you are looking at video from capitola you can see how high the waves were, some of the people who live around their say they are not too worried about property damage around the coast. >> when the final storms start coming for winter than the windows behind will be all boarded up on the wild chance there could be a big storm, once before my brother owned the place a rock went through that window so it can be dangerous but not today. >> a log went to the window. >>


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